How to choose a good Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

How to choose a good Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

When many friends buy a Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the most distressing thing is the various parameters of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner and the different configurations corresponding to different models. Faced with the navigation planning method, sensor configuration, route algorithm, obstacle avoidance method and other proprietary parameters of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner, they are confused. , The only parameter that can be understood is the suction power. I assume that the greater the suction power, the better the cleaning effect, so I blindly pursue the large suction power, and as a result, I buy the IQ tax product with the large suction power cleaning effect but the poor.

Generally speaking, we need to pay attention to several parameters when purchasing a Robot Vacuum Cleaner: navigation and route planning, obstacle avoidance mode, suction power, cleaning and mopping mode.

(1) Navigation and route planning
Navigation function and route planning algorithm are the core configuration parameters of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The former is equivalent to the "eyes" of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which determines its mapping accuracy and obstacle avoidance effect; the latter is equivalent to the brain of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which determines the Robot Vacuum Cleaner cleaning. Coverage.
Even with the same hardware configuration, the navigation sensitivity and route planning intelligence of different brands of sweeping robots are still very different.

(2) Obstacle avoidance method
As the name implies, the obstacle avoidance method is the algorithm and technology for the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to quickly make an avoidance path after the obstacle is recognized. This indicator is generally described in the product details page.
Currently, there are two mainstream obstacle avoidance methods for products on the market: AI visual obstacle avoidance that captures the three-dimensional and distance information of the front object through a camera and 3D structured light obstacle avoidance that uses structured light to detect obstacles ahead in real time. The latter has better obstacle avoidance effects. it is good.

(3) The suction power
The suction (pa) of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equivalent to the strength of a person sweeping the floor. The higher the suction, the stronger the cleaning power, but it is not that the greater the suction, the better the actual cleaning effect. Generally speaking, the suction power of about 1500-2500Pa can meet the needs of indoor cleaning. If the suction power is excessive, it will reduce the battery life of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner and increase the working noise.

(4) Cleaning method

The process of cleaning the floor by the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is divided into two parts, one is brushing, that is, the side brush gathers garbage, and the other is suction, that is, the bottom roller brush + the suction port to collect garbage).
Here is an important component of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner-the side brush, which directly affects the cleaning effect of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner on the corners and debris. Side brushes are divided into single-sided brushes and double-sided brushes. The double-sided brushes have a better effect of gathering garbage, and the single-sided brushes are easier to fly off the debris.

5) Mopping method
There are some cleaning robots with mopping function, which are divided into sweeping and mopping integrated machines and mopping robots. The former cleans while taking into account the mopping function, while the latter can only mop but not clean. When buying this kind of sweeping robot, you also need to pay attention to its mopping method.
Most of the sweeping and mopping machines on the market have two main components involved in mopping the floor: a set of mop holders pasted with a washable mop (or disposable mop) and a set of water tanks.

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