How to set up your home before a robot vacuum cleans?

How to set up your home before a robot vacuum cleans?

Robot vacuum cleaner is a very useful helper at home. Even if you are not at home, they can automatically clean the floor, because they are equipped with all the complex sensors and intelligent map systems, but even the most advanced machines may get stuck on the thick carpet, get entangled in the rope or be hopelessly lost. Before you set up the sweeping robot to roam freely, you can help ensure that it completes its work by properly preparing your home.

Don't worry, the tips I'll list here are simple. After eliminating these potential problems, you can relax and let the robot vacuum cleaner clean automatically.

Step 1: leave enough space for the expansion dock

The docking station of robot vacuum cleaner has many important functions. It charges the battery so that the vacuum cleaner is ready to clean. The docking station also serves as a base and a reference point for the robot to triangulate its relative position in the room. Lefant latest robot vacuum cleaner has a base and can even empty and collect the dustbin of the vacuum cleaner.

Choose a great location for your base so that it has enough space for your robot to move so that it can align correctly with the base when it wants to dock again for battery charging. The exact amount of clearance recommended by each manufacturer may vary. Nevertheless, it is expected that there will be an open area of 1.5 to 3 feet anywhere on both sides of the wharf. Similarly, clear at least 4 feet of empty space in front of the docking station.

It's also a bad idea to put the dock near the stairs. Not only will you cause tripping, but the narrow area may confuse your robot vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: eliminate minor hazards

Small, hard, particularly sharp objects are bad news for any robotic vacuum cleaner. Metal nails, screws and even plastic Lego blocks can cause big trouble. They can damage internal vacuum components and can damage or scratch expensive floors. Be aware of these potentials before they become a problem.

Step 3: tidy up messy ropes

Irregular wires and wires have long been a problem for robot vacuum cleaners. The rotating wheels and brushes of robot cleaners often wrap themselves around these obstacles. Minimize risk by organizing and protecting them. Areas that may be particularly problematic are the living room, entertainment center, home office and bedroom bedside table. Check out our guide for ideas on how to reduce TV cable clutter. You can also see the close range products I have tried personally, which can eliminate my messy wires.

Step 4: pay attention to moisture / water

Water and electronics don't mix, and robot vacuum cleaners definitely do. The last thing you want an expensive robot to do is suck water from the wet floor. If water enters key parts such as sensors, circuits or motors, your robot vacuum cleaner may suffer irreparable damage.

Keep it away from pet drinking bowls or objects that may contain water, such as plant flowerpots and flowerpots. If your robot supports this function, you can do so by virtually placing forbidden obstacles in the application. Another method is to delete the physical virtual wall device.

Step 5: beware of the threat of rough carpet

Plush carpets are comfortable to walk, but they often act as traps for robot vacuum cleaners. Few robots can pass through long fiber woven carpets, even carpets with tassels, without getting stuck.

Consider rolling them up before cleaning, or sticking tassels with tape to reduce the possibility of entanglement. Or limit your robot vacuum cleaner to these carpets. You can use physical or virtual obstacles to stop them, depending on the robot. Other options include the use of tape or virtual wall accessories, both of which may be included in the box of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Step 6: turn on the light

Robot vacuum cleaners rely on main optical sensors to move around. This means that without enough ambient light, they will not be able to see obstacles and navigate correctly in the room.

matters needing attention

Robot vacuum cleaner can bring a lot of cheapness to our life, but it must belong to household appliances, so we still have to pay attention to the safety of electricity.

After cleaning the ground, we should also remember to keep the robot cleaner clean and convenient for next use.