Father's Day Best Gift🎁Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Father's Day Best Gift🎁Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Today, I would like to say a few points to pay attention to when buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

1. Clean coverage.

The cleaning coverage rate depends on the navigation planning ability of the sweeping robot. The more mature technology on the market is LDS laser navigation technology. The mapping is more accurate and efficient. Visual navigation technology, which can identify more conditions through the camera, is the main direction of future research. However, the technology is not mature enough, and there is no LDS laser for mapping. So fast, and it's more dependent on light. Don't choose intelligent random collision planning, I think it is a toy.

2. Cleaning ability.

The cleaning ability is the result of the coordinated work of a whole set of cleaning systems such as side brushes, roller brushes, and suction. The cleaning is not good, and it can’t be cleaned when you buy it. What's the use? It is recommended that the suction power should be at least 1500Pa or more to ensure the cleaning effect. If you have a carpet at home, remember to choose the one with the function of carpet recognition and pressurization, as well as the integrated sweeper and mop, which can help us even mop the floor. However, most of the integrated sweeper and mop on the market currently have no way to deal with stubborn stains. , You need to make up for it yourself.

3. Intelligent planning ability.

Including smart partitioning, scheduled cleaning at scheduled time, APP virtual wall function, and setting up forbidden areas for sweeping and dragging. For duplex units or villas, it is recommended to choose the one with multi-map memory function. Higher-end intelligence, as well as the ability to recognize obstacles such as slippers and wires, and automatically avoid obstacles.

4. Ability to overcome obstacles.

The powerful obstacle crossing ability ensures that the sweeping robot can go to more places in the home.

In summary, lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice.

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