How to choose a best robot vacuum

How to choose a best robot vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaners can make your life a little easier. These machines can reduce the amount of time you spend doing housework, but it's important to choose the model that fits your needs and budget. Here are some things to consider when buying a sweeper, including different features, brands, and price points.

The function of the sweeping robot

1. Sweeping function of the robotic vacuum cleaner

Sweeping box vacuuming is two different concepts; vacuuming, that is, vacuuming dust, this function a long time ago, the vacuum cleaner did very well! And vacuuming at the same time, will stick to the ground of the stains swept up, and then suck in, this function is very good! The implementation of these two functions requires a strong motor from the sweeper, which produces a lot of suction, and a high-speed rolling brush. There are pros and cons, roller brush can sweep very clean, can also polish the ground, but also often wrap hair, so families need to choose according to their own home situation.

The Lefant M210 has extreme cleaning power and suction that automatically tunes to the maximum model suction on the carpet to provide a deeper clean. With a bulkhead height of 0.6 inches, it is especially suitable for cleaning thick carpets. If you would like more information, you can browse by clicking on the following website.


2.The planning function of robotic vacuum cleaner

Now most of the market sweeper is to take some random mode to sweep the floor, by random to achieve high area coverage! Some brands of sweeping robots, through the dust to identify the eye to sense the amount of dust, and then automatically adjust the cleaning mode, to achieve efficient and efficient cleaning results. The latest sweep robot, there will be automatic scanning to generate maps, through WiFi connection mobile phone APP, where to sweep, where not to sweep, see at a glance! In addition, you can also refer to which sweep where, let people love!

The Lefant T800 robot has all the intelligence needed to easily create a home cleaning schedule and switch between 3 cleaning modes using the Lefant app. The robot is equipped with WiFi and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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3.Automatic re-charge function of the robot vacuum cleaner

Each robot vacuum cleaner can keep its battery capacity clean for about an hour, but these devices are not always the best way to return to the charging station.

The Lefant M201 features powerful charging storage and auto-recharge capabilities that allow you to accurately return to the charger for recharge within a certain range.  

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Depending on the above functions, you can choose your favorite sweeping robot

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