The robot cleaner helping you to enjoy an easy life

The robot cleaner helping you to enjoy an easy life

What is robot cleaner? Is it really that amazing? Now let us introduce to you what are the working principles of this robot cleaner. Robot cleaner relies on the middle of the sports ball, with the idea of the body, to work, through the body carrying the cleaning cloth and the ground friction, to achieve the effect of absorbing the ground dust and hair, because of the special design of the product, the machine will automatically avoid the obstacles encountered, which is why it is named fully automatic cleaner. 

Automatic cleaner is mainly used to remove indoor hair and floating dust, it does not require manual manipulation, just a press of the switch, automatic irregular operation for one hour, can remove about 60 square feet of floating dust, hair, etc.. This robot cleaner is very suitable for double workers and single people, in your no time to clean, in your work tired, will bring you a dust-free environment! Return you a good mood! You can go to work easily; you can go to play happily; you can watch TV leisurely; and you can enjoy the new life without dust. 

Automatic cleaner working principle: the bottom of the cleaner robot with Side Brushes, the middle of a battery-driven sports ball, when the ball to guide the movement of the cleaner, encounter obstacles, will constantly change direction, the movement cycle covers the entire ground, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The cleaning Side Brushes will wipe away floating dust and hair. Commodity strengths: "remove dust, hair" is the main use of this product, it is the role of hair far more than a mop, especially when the usual mopping, you need to constantly pick up the hair with your hands, really tired ah! With it, you usually can not clean the bed, the bottom of the table and so on the floating dust and hair of the hygiene corners can be done by it. With it, you just need to press the switch, it will automatically work, sweeping the floor of the floating dust, hair, etc. 50 minutes can sweep through the 60 square meters of the room, so you can easily enjoy a new life without dust. 

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