Q1. Charging isn't working properly. Tried to charge, but the chargingbase does not charge the device

There is a green light on the side of the charging base indicating that the power is not on.

  1. Please check if the robot's charging contact is aligned with the charging base's charging contact.
  2. Please check if the power adaptor is connected properly.

Q2. Unable to connect to the APP

  1. Check if the robot is bound by someone else's mobile app

(1)You can log in to the original account to unbind. (Refer to the instructions for use)

(2)Re-networking can force unbundling

  1. The robot is not connected to the network

(1)Check whether the distribution network model you selected in the app is consistent with the actual model.

(2)WIFI password must be entered correctly

(3)Cannot use 5G WIFI signal

(4)Check if the router is blacklisted

(5)It is not recommended to use corporate WIFI or public WIFI

  1. Try AP mode

Q3. Robot repeatedly cleans a place

Please switch to planning cleaning mode and try again to avoid the robot to enter the small space.

Q4. Can not find the charging base?

The charging station is placed against the wall, each side is 0.5 meters, and there is no obstacle in the front 1.5 meters. Away from signal interference, such as router TVs,mirrors, windows, etc.

Q5. Motor fan abnormal

Please check if there are objects blocking the fan port

Q6. The battery is abnormal. When the battery level is 100%, it drops to 60% after 5 minutes of use

Please allow the robot to clean until it is completely run out of the battery, and then charge it to a full charge and try again

Q7. Unable to detect obstacles

  1. Due to the physical characteristics of anti-collision infrared sensor, dark-colored objects will not be detected, this is a normal phenomenon
  2. Please clean the front anti-collision infrared sensor, keep the surface clean

Q8. Weak suction power. Leaves a lot of debris on the floor

  1. By default is medium suction power, please adjust to the highest gear suction power through APP
  2. Please check whether the HEPA filter is blocked, please replace the HEPA filter in time

Q9. Working with loudly noise

Clean the main brush, side brush, dustbin and filter, reassembly and observe. (If the dustbin has been washed, please make sure it dry completely before using it)

Q10. APP prompt "host has been suspended, please move to the ground"

The robot is suspended, please move to the flat ground

Q11. Side brush does not working

  1. Please check if there is any hair foreign matter entangled side brush
  2. lease contact after-sales service for replacement parts

Q12. Driving wheel does not working

  1. Please check if there is any hair and foreign matter entangled in the drive wheel
  2. Please contact after-sales service for replacement parts

Q13. Missing realtime map / cleaning path

  1. When the robot is in random cleaning mode, there is no map memory function, so it will not record the cleaning path, this is a normal phenomenon.
  2. Please switch to routed planning sweeping mode.

Q14. Collision with furniture

This is a normal phenomenon When the front infrared anti-collision sensor does not detect the obstacle, the robot will physically collide to sense the presence of obstacles.