Can A Robot Vacuum And Mop Replace An Upright Vacuum?

Can A Robot Vacuum And Mop Replace An Upright Vacuum?

When to use an upright vacuum and when to use a robot vacuum

If you have no time to clean your house or just truthfully don’t like cleaning, you’d likely benefit from a robot vacuum. Robot vacuums have advanced significantly and many today are equipped with top-notch features for the most elevated clean yet - including mopping, object avoidance and even auto-empty features. They are great for convenience and even smart-home compatible, but can they replace an upright vacuum? 

Are robot vacuums worth it? 

Absolutely! But, not every robot vacuum is created the same so it’s important to invest in one that is technologically advanced to guarantee a precise, spotless and truly hands-free clean (more on that below). To determine if a robot vacuum is right for you, it’s important to consider the different advantages of robot vacuums. 

Can I use both an upright vacuum and a robot vacuum? 

Sure! While a robot vacuum can likely save you some peace of mind (and storage space!) if you already own one, it doesn’t hurt to keep your old upright vacuum around once you make the switch to a robot. You’ll likely use it far less than before, but it can be handy to have around for spot cleaning.  For example, before owning a lefant M210 Robot, 80% of our users used their upright vacuum weekly. Once they upgraded, less than a third continued to use their upright vacuum weekly.

Tips for replacing an upright vacuum with a robotic vacuum 

If you’re ready to upgrade to a robot vacuum, yay! To guarantee a smooth transition, we’ve put together some tips:

  1. Make an investment instead of a purchase. While not everyone needs all the bells and whistles, it’s important to invest in a feature rich robot that will provide a spotless and consistent performance.
  2. If your space is especially large or complex, look for a robot that has continuous cleaning, which allows it to return to the charging dock when the battery is low and resume cleaning where it left off after the battery is charged.
  3. For those with furry friends, be sure to look for a robot that has a silicone, tangle-free brush and a large dustbin to effectively tackle pet hair and dander with less maintenance.
  4. When you first run your vacuum, make sure all of the doors in your house are open so that the robot can properly map your home.

In conclusion, I recommend the lefant M210 Robot to you.

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